2500 households to get electricity from the glacier Jostedalsbreen soon

Carl-Fredrik Lehland

Carl-Fredrik Lehland

On behalf of Finnish SV Vattenkraft, the energy company Bekk og Strøm has entered into an agreement to acquire Stardalen Kraft in Jølster from Tinfos when the power plant is completed in 2020.

Stardalselva is located in Jølster municipality in Sogn og Fjordane and receives its water from the Jostedalsbreen. The power plant will produce approx. 50 GWh, which corresponds to the power consumption of around 2500 households counted.
"This will be one of the country's largest small-scale power plants," says CEO of Bekk and Strøm, Carl-Fredrik Lehland.

See the complete press release at NTB Info.


Carl-Fredrik Lehland
CEO Bekk og Strøm
+47 95 298 298